Roger Langridge will be Adapting ‘Jim Henson’s The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow’

Roger Langridge, one of the finest cartoonists alive and a brilliant humourist – already I’ve shown my bias, but everybody should have such a bias for Roger Langridge – has revealed that he is working on an adaptation of an unreleased Jim Henson screenplay. Called ‘The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow’, Langridge will script and draw the series for Archaia. TH1 Set in the 1960s, the story is of a small town which is overpopulated with turkeys – there are hundreds of turkeys for every person who lives there. And in this small town of 27 lives a young boy, Timmy, who sits by the stream every day and learns to play his guitar. One day though, he finds that he has an unexpected audience – an audience of aliens. You see, seven aliens landed on Earth a few years before, and they’ve been living in the town ever since. As Timmy plays guitar for them, they join in themselves, each making a unique musical noise that lets them take part. But with the knowledge of aliens comes danger, as Timmy finds himself drawn into a turkey-stealing caper which threatens to bring the whole town down. TH2 th3   There’s no news of a release date yet, although it looks as though Langridge is now well into working on the graphic novel. An all-ages book by Roger Langridge, based on a Jim Henson story, and published by Archaia? This is going to be terrific, surely. th4



  1. […] Langridge is well known for his work with Boom, having run another all-ages project there called ‘Snarked!’ which saw him take a deeper look at the world beyond Wonderland, as he teamed up the Walrus and the Carpenter to go on a quest with a stroppy Princess and her baby brother. He also worked on Muppets over there for a while, and will later this year be publishing a graphic novel for Boom’s imprint Archaia. […]


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