Boom Reboot Robocop (The Peter Weller Version!) for New Series

It’s exciting news for fans of 1987, as Boom have announced today that they’ll be launching a new series from writer Joshua Williamson and artist Carlos Magno which continues on the story of the original Robocop movie.


Ignoring all that black paint which made the remake tumble lonely past moviegoers, this series will be a continuation of the Peter Weller iteration of the character. As it immediately follows the very first film, the story will see Robocop teaming up with Anne Lewis in Old Detroit to take on a new enemy, Killian. Which, it should be pointed out, is the single most 1980s villain name to ever be created.

Killian was put behind bars before Robocop was, uh, ‘created’, and decides upon his release that he wants to take on the most robotic cop in town – leading to a whole load of gunplay.

Boom have been doubling down on Robocop recently, because of the aforementioned recent movie remake. But this is a interesting choice, and Williamson – best known for books like Masks & Mobsters, and Ghosted – is an unexpected but superb choice of writer. Magno, too, is a name familiar to Boom readers, having worked on their previous books like Deathmatch and some Planet of the Apes comics. Recently. Also! I’m particularly fond of this variant cover, by Alexis Ziritt, which is fantastic:


Robocop #1 will released in July.


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