Fred Van Lente and Maurizio Rosenzweig Announce ‘The Resurrectionists’

Now there’s a book title which’ll get people scurrying to the autocorrect. One S or two? Is there an extra R in that somewhere? And so on. Dark Horse have been teasing that they’ve got some kind of Fred Van Lente announcement coming, and today finds that announcement launch: he and artist Maurizio Rosenzweig will be the creative team for a new creator-owned series called ‘The Resurrectionists’. And that’s with one s and then two r’s.

CBR have an announcement and interview


With covers by the above Juan Doe, the series will kick off in October and tell the story of the world’s longest bank robbery. Starting in Ancient Egypt, a group of bank robbers attempt to make a big score – only to get themselves killed. Undeterred, they promptly resurrect and attempt again. After a few thousand years, they start to get the hang of it! Skipping forward to the present day, they stand on the verge of finally nailing this ruddy bank – can they do it?

That’s obviously hitting a few touchstones for Van Lente, best known for generation-jumping books like Archer & Armstrong, but it’s exciting to see him turning a hand to a creator-owned series once more. The book starts in October, and will be an ongoing series. Here’s a few preview pages from the above interview on CBR.

res2 res3


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