Gerard Way! Robbi Rodriguez! David Hine! Richard Isanove! Spider-Verse!

Spider-Verse is on the horizon, a new big Spider-Man story in which Dan Slott plans to kill off every single Spider-Man ever created. Ones from alternate universes and timelines, clones, symbiotes – the story will be taking a scythe to any character with “Spider” in their name. It’ll be this whole deal, I spoke to him about it earlier this year and he promised that even Spider-Kitty will get involved.

As a result of the story, crossovers and tie-ins will obviously start to abound, and so far Marvel have done a faintly reasonable job of not confusing everybody with a repeat of that “Original Sin”/”Original Sins” stuff. Newly announced today on CBR is a five-issue miniseries called ‘Edge of Spider-Verse’, in which five creative teams will each do a one-shot story about a different alterna-spidey.

Before, I assume, killing them.

There’s an eclectic mix of talent on offer here, including a creator returning to a cult favourite character, and several people making their Marvel debuts:


David Hine, Fabrice Sapolsky and Richard Isanove will be the team for issue #1, returning to the Spider-Man Noir character Hine created. A character who lives in the 1930s, the story will see this version of Spider-Man pitted against a noir version of Mysterio. Before, presumably, getting murdered by Dan Slott.


Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez will handle issue #2, which tells an amazing-sounding story of an alternate universe in which Gwen Stacy was bitten by the spider instead of Peter Parker. Er, I mean, Peter wasn’t bitten by the spider. Not that Peter typically bites Gwen. Sentence construction, agh! This issue also apparently will link into the main story somehow. Presumably when Dan Slott murders her.


Dustin Weaver will write and draw the third issue, marking his first time as a writer for Marvel. His Spider-Man will be a chap called Dr Aaron Aikman, and it looks like he’ll be part of some kind of mystery. There’s not much known about the story, other than that it’ll likely end with Dan Slott walking in and killing him.

There are no covers for issue #4 or #5. The four issue is by horror novelist Clay McLeod Chapman and Garry Brown, and will see the radioactive spider bite a version of Peter Parker who was already a monster even BEFORE he got radioactive blood in him.

Issue #5 sees Gerard Way – you know, the musician-turned Eisner Award winner? – make his Marvel debut alongside artist Jake Wyatt. Their story, rounding out the miniseries, will be about a character known as SP//dr, which sounds just as odd as you’d expect from the creator of Umbrella Academy. Shame that these characters are all doomed once Dan Slott gets hold of ’em.

Edge of Spider-Verse begins in November.

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