Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey Leave Moon Knight

When the last round of solicitations came in, people started to speculate on the vague, somewhat climactic wording of Moon Knight issue #6. Suggesting the book may end, or at least that the creative team were going to leave, several days went by without anybody knowing what the status of the book would be going forward.


That speculation can now end, as it’s been announced that a new creative team will be coming on the book as of issue #7. Warren Ellis and Declan Shalvey will step away from the book, and the new creative team will be Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood. Colorist Jordie Bellaire has announced that she’ll be continuing on with the series for the creative shift.

Ellis was largely expected to leave the book after a few issues – he’s established a policy of doing shorter projects for Marvel recently, presumably to help him pay through for other projects like his Image series ‘Trees’. Shalvey, however, has taken to his blog to discuss why he decided to leave at the same time:

Personally, I like seeing a new creative team take over. There’s something more pure about it. No matter who took over as the writer, if I stayed on the collaboration just wouldn’t be the same, and there would be a change in the work as a result, which would probably be unfairly blamed on the writer. I felt it would be better to step aside with Warren, leaving on a high note, making our run ‘Moon Knight Season One’ and let a new team do their own thing right from the first issue of the new arc.

But of most note is the news that he will be taking a hiatus from mainstream comics for a while, in order to focus on some personal projects instead.

As for me? I’m taking a break. I’ve been busting my arse non-stop for the past 4 years at Marvel, as well as short stints at DC, Dark Horse, etc. I’m taking a holiday, doing some short stories (including a MURDER BOOK story with Ed Brisson) I’ve long promised to folk, some cover work and after that, we’ll see. I had something planned, but it looks like that won’t happen for a while. In any case, I’m just gonna take a little break from monthly mainstream comics and work on something of my own.

This may be a sign that he’ll be working next on a story he’ll be both drawing and writing, as he’s written comics before. In fact, the decision mirrors a move taken by his colleague Stephen Mooney, who saved up money drawing IDW franchise comics and then used the money to fund his personal project Half Past Danger. Perhaps that’s what we’ll be seeing next from Shalvey?



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