Isabel Greenberg Launching New Zine for ELCAF

With an incredibly long title, as is the wont of Greenberg. The writer/artist has announced that she’ll be putting out a new zine for the East London Comics & Arts Festival later this month, featuring art, essays, and all the other things you’d want from a zine. It’s called ‘Rites, Customs and Histories of the Great Empire of Migdal Bravel’. Here’s the cover:


Whaaat! A New book/zine thingy coming out for ELCAF! Its got some pictures, its got (more) words, but (heads up) its not a comic.

BUT if you enjoyed the Encyclopedia of Early Earth, then this has some additional info on that historically accurate and very real era of our world’s history. Plus a silly story. So come to ELCAF and buy one.

ELCAF will be running this year on the 14 June. I expect there’ll be a lot more announcements like this coming up over the next few days, and I’ll do my best to keep with as much of it as possible.

The Spire has a rule which states that when Isabel Greenberg announces new stuff, The People Must Be Told Of It. And so hereby the rule has been adhered to once more.


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