Jeffrey Brown Returns to the Jedi Once More for ‘Goodnight, Darth Vader’

It’s a good day to be called Jeff, as Jeffrey Brown has today unveiled a teaser trailer for the latest in his series of Star Wars themed books, ‘Goodnight Darth Vader’. Aww. Yes, you might say the headline should be “returns to the Sith”, but I believe that within that scalded black shell of his laid the still-beating heart of a peppy Jake Lloyd. Never forget.


Published by Chronicle Press, this is of course the latest in a string of books from Brown which take aim at a more family-friendly alternate universe for Star Wars. In them, Luke and Leia are still just kids, and Darth Vader has to try his best to be a caring single dad. But it’s not easy raising such a pair of Rebels!

See, that was a pun what I did there. Rebels. Amazing.

Here’s the trailer:


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