Julia Wertz Offers Preorders for ‘Museum of Mistakes’

Julia Wertz plans out her books to a remarkable degree, a fact evidenced once again this week in this post about her newest book, Museum of Mistakes.


Offering a thorough look at how she approaches publishing, she details her process for pre-orders and self-publishing at length in this post, which also provides a guide for how you can pick up her latest work. It’s not often you get the chance to read about small-press publishing and how a successful creator like Wertz manages herself, and the post is filled with interesting details about the business:

Here’s how I run my comic book business: Upon publication of the book, the publisher gives me a small percentage of the print run. That means I forfeit royalties and instead I accept books as payment, which I then sell online. It is A LOT of work, but ultimately more financially and personally beneficial, since I can interact with people directly. In turn, the publisher then sells their books regularly, meaning at bookstores and comic distros.


If you cannot afford a book package directly from me, I highly encourage you to purchase the book directly from Atomic Books or your local comic book store. I understand that sometimes Amazon is the only choice, in which case, please try to buy the book from Atomic Books on Amazon, under Wunderpants Productions. When you buy a book from some random place, neither my publisher nor I see a penny from that and the sales does not count as a book sold for us, which is important for my future book projects, and as a small press and a indie cartoonist, that whole Amazon situation just sucks.

And… well, head to her site already and go have a read, ya mooch.

museum of mistakes previews

Museum of Mistakes is a lengthy collection of her early work, clocking in at somewhere around 400 pages of material. Alongside illustrations, sketches and short stories will be Fart Party Vols 1 & 2, along with a never-published half-draft of a once-planned third volume. There’ll also be a series of hate-mail she’s been sent over the years, complete with her unabashedly frank responses.

The book will be published this September. Pre-ordering guarantees you a copy, and gets you in the personal good graces (possibly) of Wertz. Can’t go wrong, really, can you?

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