Monkeybrain Comics to Publish Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca’s ‘Street Angel’

First published by SLG ten years ago, Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca’s miniseries ‘Street Angel’ will this week start to be republished by Monkeybrain Comics. This will be the first time that the comic sees digital print, so to speak, and is the latest of several surprising republishing moves made by the company.


Street Angel is a superhero satire, a story which follows the exploits of the world’s greatest homeless skateboarder/martial artist, 12-year old Jesse Sanchez, as she fights off pirates/ninjas/being homeless. Street Angel was Rugg’s first published work that I’m aware of – he of course then went on to have great success with projects like One Model Nation and Supermag.

Monkeybrain have republished several stories over the last few years – as well as Street Angel they’ve also published ‘Thoughts on a Winter Morning’ by Kurt Busiek and Steve Lieber, as well as the 1990s series Heartbreakers.

The first issue of Street Angel will be available on ComiXology, via Monkeybrain, tomorrow.


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