Preview: ‘The End’ by Dan Berry

In what seems like a change of pace for writer/artist Dan Berry, his latest project ‘The End’ predicts a future where somebody, for some reason, starts a public countdown… to something.

Debuting at ELCAF this month, the story sees people waking up to find that the number ’14’ has been apparently sprayed everywhere round their cities. The number is on buildings, posters, billboards; and the immediate assumption is that this is some kind of viral marketing scheme.

But the next day, the numbers have changed to 13, and all attempts to remove them fail. This is something else entirely, something different and possibly sinister…. dbte1 dbte2 dbte3 dbte4 dbte5 The End will debut at ELCAF this year, in a limited, exclusive print run. The story is scheduled to take to digital subsequently.

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