Rabbits, Foxes and Minks Take on Aliens in ‘Wild’s End’

Dan Abnett and INJ Culbard – who you may recognise from their run on The New Deadwardians for Vertigo last year – have announced a new project through Boom Studios today, via an interview on CBR. ‘Wild’s End’ promises to mix the style of AA Milne with War of the Worlds, as a group of talking, anthropomorphic forest creatures have to go to war against an imminent alien threat to earth.


That means we have bunnies, foxes, dogs, stoats, all kinds of creatures getting involved here, all drawn by the distinctive hand of Culbard. In the launch interview, Abnett says of his inspirations for the story:

On the one hand, it’s the stark horror of early Sci-Fi, particularly H.G. Wells, but it’s also the genteel, cozy world of classic children’s books — Kenneth Grahame, A.A. Milne, etc. We were struck by that contrast, the clash of classic genres, the comfortable world of bedtime stories “invaded” by cold, brutal otherness.


A 6-issue miniseries, Wild’s End will begin in September. I’d be remiss if I didn’t also let you know that INJ Culbard’s book ‘Celeste’ is also out now, and will be available at ELCAF this weekend in London.


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