October Release Confirmed for ‘Q2: The Return of Quantum & Woody’

Christopher Priest and Mark Bright’s return to Quantum & Woody has been long-announced, but today Valiant pinned down a release date for the miniseries – October. Seeing the return of the Acclaim-era Quantum & Woody, the series is set 20 years after Priest and Bright finished their run.. as, y’know, it’s been 20 years since they last finished their run. So now about 40, the two heroes will be in a very different situation to when readers last saw them.


This is quite the boost for Valiant, who enjoyed a clean, successful relaunch a few years back. The only question that’d been asked was if the original creators of their various characters were happy with the relaunch, and were being compensated for their creations. Certain creators have come back to the characters they once created, but there had been an ominous silence from Priest – perhaps one of the most respected of the creators, and certainly one of the more reclusive.

Seeing him now return to Valiant, with the characters he co-created with Bright, is a big deal for the company. Also big news is that Valiant will be collecting an omnibus of their original run, to be released also in October. The C0mplete Quantum & Woody will collect together it seems the entirety of the Priest/Bright run, including never before seen stories.

So it’s all going on!



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