PREVIEW: Shutter #4 by Leila Del Duca and Owen Gieni

Image have sent out a look at preview pages from issue #4 of Shutter, the sci-fi weirdness series from Joe Keatinge and Leila Del Duca. And, wasting no time at all, the preview gives us ghosts, giant rats playing cards, robots and a skeleton butler. Did I mention this was a weird book? Fantastically, the preview also comes with a quote from artist Del Duca about what else we can expect from the issue, and says things like:

my favorite scene by far is the one where Mikey the platypus chokes out Shaw

I wanted to also draw out some attention for colourist Owen Gieni, whose work on the series has helped create a distinctive and realistic feel for all the strangery that’s been going on in the series. His colours are naturalistic, which sets a tone of authenticity to the surroundings that lead Kate Kristopher finds herself in – an authenticity which doesn’t snap even when purple ninja ghosts are sat on the sofa. Everything feels well-worn and battered, a world where you get a really strong sense that these surroundings have been lived-in.

It’s a wonderful series, and one where I’m adamant I don’t want to reveal anything about the plot. Take a look at these images, and consider jumping in on the book!

shutter4 shutter402 shutter403 shutter404

Shutter #4 is out in July.



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