Katie Kubert Moves to Marvel; Kyle Andrukiewicz to Valiant

This week saw Special Edition NYC take place – it may be taking place right now, actually – at the Javitz Centre in New York. There don’t appear to have been any new comics announced, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any news from the event. In fact, quite the opposite, as a panel announced that long-time DC editor Katie Kubert has now left the company, and joined Marvel Comics.

Working within the Batman titles for the most part, Kubert has been an editor at DC for five years. She’ll be reuniting with her former boss as well, as she joins Marvel’s X-Men offices, run by Mike Marts – meaning the X-Office now has two former DC editors working there now.

At the same time, Valiant have confirmed a Robot 6 query and announced that fellow DC editor Kyle Andrukiewicz has joined their company, as an assistant editor. This marks two more staff members moving from DC – alongside the aforementioned Marts, there’s also been Will Dennis, Mark Doyle, Bob Wayne, and several others. The implication is that they’ve left due to DC’s forthcoming move across to the West Coast from New York, although of course that isn’t possible to confirm.

It’ll be interesting to see what shape this leaves DC in once they arrive in LA next year – but Marvel and Valiant have certainly reaped the benefits.

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