The Twelve Doctor Arrives at Titan Comics

Following earlier announcements that they had picked up the Doctor Who license and would be using it to publish both Tenth and Eleventh Doctor series, Titan have today unveiled their creative team for a further comic – based on the Twelfth Doctor. This is the Doctor who’ll be played by Peter Capaldi in the upcoming TV series, and hasn’t been seen beyond a few scant minutes of airtime.


Robbie Morrison and Dave Taylor will be the creative team for the comic, which begins in October. Morrison was already named as one of the ‘architects’ of the series alongside Al Ewing and Rob Williams, so it was long-rumoured he’d be the one handling this series.

Two of the alternate covers feature actress Jenna Louise-Coleman (or at least, her likeness), which suggests her character Clara will play a part in the series. Not much is known yet! The above cover, by Alice X. Zhang, follows in the same style as her covers for The Tenth (David Tennant) and Eleventh (Matt Smith) Doctor comics.

Interestingly, the press release for the news states that UK readers will only be able to purchase the comic digitally, due to licensing restrictions. I don’t think that was the case for IDW, who previously held the license, so we’ll have to see what this means for the long term.


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