Moose Kid Comics Launches on Friday; Announces ‘Young Tank Girl’

Moose Kid Comics, a digital kids comics anthology which will be launching this Friday, has started announcing creative teams and stories this week. And today sees a surprising announcement from Alan Martin and Warwick Johnson Cadwell – they will be the team behind a ‘Young Tank Girl’ series which’ll be featured in the comic.


Surprising, eh? Martin is of course one of the original creators of Tank Girl (along with Jamie Hewlett) and recently brought her back for a huge, incredibly popular Kickstarter campaign, which tripled the intended target funding. Johnson-Cadwell also has an established history with the character, having drawn 2013’s ‘Solid State Tank Girl’ miniseries at Titan. How this Young Tank Girl strip is going to work as a prequel is anybody’s guess, but the creative team are certainly solid enough.

It’s an unexpected, brilliant swerve story to throw into an anthology, and looks incredibly promising.

Set up by cartoonist Jamie Smart (best known for his work on ‘Fish Head Steve’, ‘Bunny Vs Monkey’, and ‘Roger The Dodger’,  Moose Kid Comics looks to be 36 pages long, with a long list of creators taking part which includes Gary Northfield, Samantha Davies, Laura Howell, and Viviane Schwarz. 

Launching on Friday, the comic will be available for free on – this looks to be one of the biggest comics of the Summer, to my all-ages-giddy eyes.

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