The Death-Defying Dr Mirage to be Offered in ‘Plus Edition’

Valiant’s September-launching series ‘The Death Defying Dr Mirage’, by Jen Van Meter and Roberto De La Torre, will be released in two editions by the company. The first will be the regular edition – the second is an edition only available for those who pre-order the book. The latter will feature extra pages as a ‘reward’ for those pre-orderers, in what I believe is one of the first moves from a publisher to specifically court pre-ordering.


Valiant first rolled out the promotion earlier this year for issue #1 of ‘Rai’, which gave 15 extra pages to those who pre-ordered the issue that won’t be available in any other format – the extra pages won’t appear in the trade collection, even. And Dr Mirage will be the same. The Plus Edition of Dr Mirage – announced this week as part of the Valiant solicitations – will come with a Travel Foreman cover, as well as 15 extra pages of maps, short stories, pin-ups and the likes.

It’s something other publishers haven’t tried yet, but it does offer Valiant a number of benefits – anything which increases pre-ordering is of benefit to both retailers and publishers. It guarantees both that more sales will be made, ‘locking in’ a certain amount of guaranteed revenue, so to speak. If, say, they could guarantee 1000 sales a month, Valiant would be on a stronger footing than if they had no idea how well the first issue will sell.

This all comes back to something which has been in focus recently: sales figures. As mentioned by Brandon Montclare and discussed by several websites recently, 1000 sales can be the difference between an affordable ongoing series and an affordable miniseries. If a book gets enough pre-orders, the creators and publishers have a sense of security – they know they’re shifting a certain amount of comics, making a certain amount of profit, and can funnel that into their future budgeting.

I think we’ll be seeing several more promotions like the Plus Edition over the next few months – heck, we’ll probably see some companies doing the exact same promotion but with a different name. At any rate, it’s a process you should expect to see more of, and one which seems positive for the industry.


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