Ultimate FF is Ending After 6 Issues

Marvel’s Ultimate line is heading into trouble again it seems, with an announcement that Ultimate FF is cancelled, and will end with issue #6. Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov – who, due to illness, won’t be handling the final issue of the book – the series focused on a new Fantastic Four team made up of Falcon, Machine Man, Iron Man and The Invisible Woman.

ult ff

There’s no reason announced for the cancellation, which leaves the Ultimate imprint with only two books remaining (Ultimate Spider-Man and All-New Ultimates). However, rumours persist that Marvel and Fox, who own the film rights to The Fantastic Four, are currently in a bitter dispute. It’s been suggested that as a result of the spat, Marvel are planning to pull all their Fantastic Four content to protect themselves from creating new properties and stories which Fox could then use in the movies. Their goal being, of course, recovering the film rights for themselves.

All very interesting that this has happened while Mark Millar is overseeing the Fantastic Four movies, seeing as he was the one who launched Ultimate Fantastic Four to begin with.

Anyway, Ultimate FF is now officially cancelled, and everything else is just rumour at this point. The series had been suffering from extremely low sales, which honestly sounds more like the reason the book has been cancelled. Fialkov, speaking on twitter, concluded:


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