Karen Traviss and Steve Kurth to Relaunch GI Joe

You know, the comic based on that Channing Tatum film? Had one of the Wayans in it, and Sienna Miller for some reason?

No no, of course GI Joe has a longer history than that. Originally designed to sell some toys to people, the series was overturned by the arrival of Larry Hama as writer – his lengthy, impressive run on the series put some personality behind the plastic eyes of hiscast, and managed to say a whole lot of subversive things about war and society.


Cover by Jeffrey Veregge.

And now it returns once more, with writer Karen Traviss taking over (the first female writer in GI Joe history, from what I’m told) along with GI Joe superfan artist Steve Kurth (who helped with the last relaunch, which was done with Fred Van Lente). This new run from IDW will see crossbow-wielding Scarlett take the lead role as she tries to navigate a world where longtime foes COBRA are now a peacekeeping force (maybe) and there seems to be no reason left for her team to exist.

It’s rather impressive that the sheer force of Larry Hama’s writing has managed to keep the GI Joe brand an important one, even decades later – but IDW should also be commended for their attempts to take some serious risks with the books, and play out consequences. Traviss, perhaps best known for her novelisations of games like Halo and Gears of War, could prove to be a very canny choice of writer indeed.

Bit weird how IDW never announce books though, innit? No fanfare or anything – just a solicitation.


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