Matt Wilson Announced as New Colourist for Daredevil

The Other Murdock Papers have coverage of the news that Matt Wilson has been announced as the new colourist for Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ series. This follows a lengthy run from Javier Rodriguez, who recently announced he was stepping down from colouring in order to focus on his pencilling.

daredevil MW

Wilson is one of the top colourists in the business, having worked on Young Avengers, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing and several other books over the last few years. He’s also currently providing the colours for The Wicked & The Divine over at Image right now, which is proving to be an incredible showcase comic for him.

Having previously worked with artist Chris Samnee for ‘The Mighty Thor’ a few years ago, Wilson had this to say on the announcement:

I was a big fan Chris Samnee’s work even before working with him. So I was shocked when he was one of the first artists I colored at Marvel, and was then lucky enough to do two series in a row with him. Since then I’ve colored some of his covers and short stories, but nothing on a regular basis. Now that I’m going to be on Daredevil I’m really excited to get his pages on a monthly basis.

Wilson’s run on Daredevil begins with issue #8, in September.


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