There’s Spiders, Spiders Everywhere in Skottie Young’s Variant Spider-Verse Cover

Skottie Young’s created a mini-franchise with his ‘Marvel Babies’ work, with every new release from the company now almost guaranteed to be accompanied by a variant cover from the artist. Moving away from what are sometimes quite minimalistic covers though, his variant for Spider-Verse is more to the point and typical – simply put, he draws every character in the comic swinging straight for the reader.


The above image will make up the first two covers for the story, in which villains try and kill off as many variant, alternate, parallel universe, time-travelling versions of the Spider-Man as possible. Morlun is the villain, I think? He’s being set up at the primary villain, at least – Dan Slott stories tend to set up one villain and then switch you with a surprise second one hiding in the wings.

So anyway, there’s that.

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