Warren Simons Promoted to EIC of Valiant (Wasn’t Already EIC of Valiant?)

In surprising news, not least because I thought he was already the Editor in Chief of Valiant Comics, today Warren Simons was announced as the Editor in Chief of Valiant Comics.


The former Executive Editor has been with the company since their relaunch of the comics line in 2011. Having previously worked for Marvel, he’s brought a lot of Marvel’s company processes across with him – Valiant share the same submissions process, similar hiring processes, and so on. Over the last three years the company managed to make a mark, launch well, but crucially then retained an audience. They are smaller than several other companies, but they’ve managed to carve out a consistent readership, which has been one of their most notable successes since the launch.

Simons personally edits several of the comics, including flagship title X-O Manowar. The first thing on his docket will be the upcoming new wave of books – The Delinquents, The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage, and several others. Following the finale of books like Shadowman and Archer & Armstrong, it’s all believed that several existing titles will be relaunching later this year or in 2015 – so there’ll be a lot to keep an eye on now he’s EIC.


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