‘Windblade Returns’ Miniseries with Mairghread Scott and Sarah Stone Set for 2015

It’s been a Transformers weekend, with BotCon taking place in America over the last few days. And not to be outdone by the robots, toys and movies, IDW had a panel at the convention themselves, announcing that they’ll be publishing two more Transformers miniseries next year.

The first is Drift: Empire of Stone, by the creative team of Shane McCarthy, Guido Guidi, and colourist ‘Josh’.  Starting in November, this promises to catch up with the Drift character and reveal what he’s been up to for the past few months, after leaving the Lost Light.


And as reported by Jason Enright on Twitter, the second miniseries will be Windblade Returns, with the continuing creative team of Mairghread Scott and Sarah Stone. They were the first all-female creative team to ever take on the Transformers, and made a whole load of waves in the run-up to the book being launched. Interviews were everywhere, previews were rampant – you couldn’t move without hearing some more news about Windblade. It’s been a huge success for the company, and so it’s no surprise to see it return next year with the same creators attached.

So this is all pretty exciting for IDW, who also will continue the central books into next year.

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