First Second to Publish ‘Kiss Number Eight’ in 2016

First Second have acquired the publishing rights for Colleen AF Venable and Leela Wagner’s graphic novel ‘Kiss Number Eight’, which will subsequently be published in 2016. This may have already been announced but I only just found out about it via the Diversity in YA Tumblr page – so they get the credit. 

A YA story about a young girl called Amanda, the book follows her as she tries to work out what the big deal is with this ‘kissing’ thing. She’s tried it several times, and always found it to be a pretty rubbish experience. When she tries it an eighth time, things get a whole lot worse for her.

A story which delves into queer romance and sexuality at a time when people are only just starting to understand the concept of both, artist Wagner offers this particularly wonderful quote about why wanted to take on this project.

When I read the script for Kiss Number Eight, I had this fantasy about if I were a decade younger, and I got to read this comic for the first time when I was Amanda’s age, and how much it would mean to me.  I remember the teenage feeling of a book having been written for me, and I think probably it would be one of those ‘I want to make comics’ or possibly ‘I want to be Colleen AF Venable’ moments.

Diversity in YA also offer two preview pages – here’s one for you to begin with. You can find the other at their site.


(As a company, First Second release their books seasonally – so a group of them come out in Spring, and a group come out in Autumn, and so on. That’s why we’re hearing now about a book which is coming out in two years’ time)

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