Dynamite Are Next Out with a Humble Bundle Giveaway

A big thing which came from possibly nowhere or maybe fell from the heavens in the arms of an angel (YOU CAN’T PROVE THE LATTER THEORY WRONG) has been Humble Bundle, an initiative which trades you huge amounts of digital comics for a charitable donation. Next in line are Dynamite, who have chosen to celebrate their tenth anniversary this year by offering over a hundred comics to you at a ‘name your price’ value.

For the last few months, various retailers and franchises have been taking part in the Humble Bundle idea, with proceeds heading towards the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Doctors Without Borders. You can pick any price you want to get a large set of comics – if you pay above the average donation, however (which is around $11 right now) then Dynamite also throw in some trade collections as well.

Even further, pay $15 and you get absolutely everything in the set. That includes an art book of Alex Ross’ work, trades of Red Sonja, Green Hornet, and Pathfinder, issues of everything from Vampirella and Project Superpowers through to Sherlock Holmes and The Mocking Dead. The sales estimate for the value of all the combined books in the bundle is $258. You can get them for $15. It’s digital madness, I tells ya!

So thank the angel who fell down to Earth, levelled an empty factory building on impact, and promptly rebuilt it as the HQ for Humble Bundle. And go find out more over at their site if you’re interested.


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