PREVIEW: Tula Lotay and Warren Ellis on ‘Supreme: Blue Rose’

Image sent across preview pages for Supreme: Blue Rose, from the creative team of Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay. Ellis is of course known for books like Transmetropolitan and Planetary, and has recently been making a big comeback into comics these past few months. But you may not be so aware of Tula Lotay – so let’s get a look into her work.

She’s been appearing regularly for the last year or so, contributing stories to various Vertigo anthologies, back-up strips, in the Thought Bubble Anthology (which she also helped compile) and will be one of the artists for the upcoming ‘Bodies’ written by Si Spencer. Based in the UK, she has a limited-run sketchbook coming out later in the year, which has got people running in concentric circles of delight all round the world. They will remain running in these circles until a comic is pressed into their ecstatic hands.


Colouring her own work, you can see that one of the more distinctive aspects of her art are these flat blue lines which wisp around the scenes, conveying movement and the direction in which the reader should follow the work. It controls the pacing of the relatively dialogue-free pages, putting some distinction into each panel despite there being few words to latch onto.

Supreme is a reinvention of a Rob Liefeld character – a Superman analogue of sorts. I’m not certain whether this is a miniseries or an ongoing – given the writer involved, I would suggest perhaps the former. At any rate, it’s looking to be an interesting science-fiction/mystery series from Image, and certainly an excellent place for Lotay to thoroughlyshow off her style.

There’s also loads of her work on display over here.


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