Scott McCloud’s ‘The Sculptor’ Acquires Cover, Story Details


Coming next February from First Second, Scott McCloud’s next comics project is ‘The Sculptor’. Announced a little while back, this week has seen the reveal of the cover by USA Today, along with an interview in which McCloud goes into detail about the characters and story of the book. Like so:

The Sculptor stars a once-promising artist named David, who’s already washed up at 25. He makes a deal with Death to be remembered, and David’s given 200 days of being able to sculpt anything with his bare hands.

However, he then tumbles headlong into a romance forcing him to question what he wants from his life as well as his art.

Sounds a little bit like a twist on the premise of Ruby Sparks, whereby the creative guy creates a girlfriend-of-sorts and then falls in love with her – even knowing that she’s following to his specifications, rather than her own free will. This is I believe McCloud’s first substantial work of fiction in quite some time, so we’ll be keeping an eye on the book as we approach next year.

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