Allison Baker Joins IDW as Director of Operations

Allison Baker, the co-founder of and continual activist for Monkeybrain Comics, has been announced as joining IDW as their new Director of Operations. CBR announced the hiring, whilst Comics Reporter queried that this will not affect Monkeybrain in any particular form.

Having raised Monkeybrain on the core concept of being a creator owned, freely operated company – creators are allowed to produce comics at whatever speed they like, which is why popular books like Bandette have been able to publish at a reduced rate – the company have seen success from several titles. Bandette was the first big success, which has since been joined by the Eisner-nominated High Crimes and books like Amelia Cole.

Co-founder (and Baker’s husband) Chris Roberson explained that Baker joining IDW will not impact the digital comics company in any significant way – he will take over much of the running (and has in fact been doing just so recently, as the company’s weekly press email has been handled by Roberson for the past month). In her new role, she will be speeding up production and behind-the-scenes delivery of comics.

She’ll be working alongside all departments of IDW, which includes their new gaming division. However, she’ll be working primarily as a background figure, making sure everything is running smoothly, all productions are delivered on time, everybody edits things proper-like, and so on.

She’ll also probably be insisting that all IDW staff members wear shirts with a unicorn on them.


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