Melanie Gillman’s Comic About Colouring Comics

Melanie Gillman, whose wonderfully drawn webcomic ‘As The Crow Flies’ you can find right here, took to Tumblr a few days ago to offer some advice on colouring.

As is slowly dawning on even the most famous of us, colouring is an intricate, difficult art, and there are so many factors involved in making everything click together.

Gillman’s advice is specifically on the technique of picking a palette for a comic – something I didn’t even realise was a thing colourists did until somewhat recently, to my eternal embarrassment. To best illustrate her point, Gillman decided to offer her advice in the finest form possible – a comic. I’ll share a part of the comic below, and you’ll have to head to her Tumblr page (and stick around once you’re there, have a look around!) to read the rest.


That’s advice from an Eisner nominee, right there, folks. You don’t get much more insightful than that. This all plays somewhat into the idea of ‘colour theory’, a branch of art which directly plays into colouring for obvious reasons. It’s all rather fascinating to see someone lay things out so well on the page, and it helps convey just a part of what colourists have to work on every day.

While you’re here, I should also probably point you in the direction of this. Worth a look, eh?

Found via The Beat!


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