Boom Are Doing 15 Days of Announcements, Starting with Mark Waid

So I suppose get ready for 15 days-worth of talking about Boom Studios! In the rundown to SDCC, which grows closer and closer like a preying koala with the scent of eucalyptus gnawing in her belly, expect to see a whole load of announcements made. Starting with Dynamite last year, companies are getting smarter about not announcing things actually at the convention, lest they be overshadowed by movie news. Hence the pre-convention blitzing of info.

The first bit of news from Boom is that Mark Waid will be returning to the company for his new creator-owned series, which is unnamed and has no artist yet announced. In a video they sent round in press release, Waid talks directly to us about his plans for the comic, how nothing will ever be the same again, and how excited he is. The video comes across very well, in fact. See?

Waid was of course the EIC of Boom for a few years, during which time he published a load of books with in-prefixes. Insufferable, Incorruptible, and so on. He later went on to continue this interest at Marvel with the Incredible Hulk. The announcement will probably come a little down the line as to what’s going on – but hey, we’ve got Mark Waid doing some more creator-owned work, outside of Thrillbent, and that’s something worth looking forward to.


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