Marguerite Bennett, Jorge Coelho and Noelle Stevenson Bring Sleepy Hollow to Life at Boom

Boom started off their 15 days of announcements with what could be suggested to be a pretty huge prologue piece, as they announced that the team of Marguerite Bennett and Jorge Coelho will be bringing the TV show Sleepy Hollow to comics later this year. They’ll be joined by Noelle Stevenson, who’ll be writing and drawing a backup feature for each issue.


Sleepy Hollow sees Ichabod Crane fighting headless horsemen in the fledgling days of America, until this one time where he gets buried alive or something and then wakes up in the present day. LOOK, IT DOESN’T MATTER. What does matter is that essentially he wakes up in the present day, teams up with a detective called Abbie Mills to solve supernatural crimes. Orlando Jones is also involved somehow.

In this four-part miniseries – CBR have an interview with the creative team – the odd coupling will face a series of different threats. The first two issues will be standalone stories, before a two-part finale draws things to a close. Bennett suggests there’ll be magic, myth, and machinery, so let’s all hope that a robot is involved before the thing draws to a close.

Bennett is best known currently for her work at DC, where she’s been involved in various Batman titles and one-shots for the company. She’s starting to pull ahead now and make inroads into work at other companies, and seems to be doing very well right now. And as for Coelho – he was the superlative artist on the decent-but-tails-off-dramatically miniseries Polarity, also published by Boom, from last year.

Sleepy Hollow will start in October.

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