2000AD Seeking to Find ‘Four Lost Judge Dredd Strips’

Earlier this year 2000AD put out a call asking if anybody could help them track down and collect ‘lost’ Judge Dredd strips from the Daily Star newspaper strip. Running from the 1980s until near the end of the 90s, the strip lasted for almost 3000 episodes. Their goal was to try and obtain a full run of the strips which could be collected into a hardcover collection.

The response to their request was huge, and the publication now reports that only four strips remain for them to get their hands on. They have copies of these four, but are looking for a higher-resolution scan. The strips are:

17th September 1983: Baffin Island

1983.09.17 Baffin Island

10th December 1983: Manta Tank

1983.12.10 Manta Tank

30th June 1984: Strike Bound

1984.06.30 Strike Bound

4th August 1984: Glaring

1984.08.04 Glaring

If you happen to have one of these in your collection, the company are asking that you please get in contact with them! The address given is press@rebellion.co.uk


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