Anthony Clark and KC Green Launch ‘Back’, A Webcomic About Grave-Escaping Gunslingers

Teased on Tumblr over the last few weeks, KC Green and Anthony Clark’s new webcomic ‘Back’ has now launched. Updating every Wednesday with two new pages, the story is still at a point where we have more questions than answers. All we know is that there’s been some kind of Apocalyptic event of some kind, and now a dead woman has risen back – climbed out of her grave – and is now in the process of receiving a quest from a  group of witches.


Green is best known for his webcomic Gunshow, which recently hit the end of a story and will soon be heading into a new arc; whilst Clark is the creator of Nedroid. This new project has elements of both their styles, but seem to be playing the humour far more straight-faced. On a page to page basis, there aren’t many gags in Back, but if you read it in bulk you start to see themes and running jokes build up a little – there’s an intentionally slow start, but things start to hit a pace by the time you reach the last published pages.


The central character in particular plays like the best of Clint Eastwood wrapped into a comic form. Clark fits her with a poncho and two huge, unblinking eyes – fixing her with a permanent five-mile gaze which convey an incredible amount. Almost as much as Eastwood does himself in the Dollars trilogy, in fact. This looks like it’ll be a slow-burn series, but one well worth keeping up with. Keep an eye on it!



  1. […] project is the wandering cowboy justice-type series ‘Back’, created with Anthony Clark. As previously mentioned on this very site, this starts off as a take on the Clint Eastwood-style ‘hero with no name’, until it […]


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