Dungeon Fun Sweeps The Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards

Tonight saw the Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards take place as part of Glasgow Comic-Con, with five awards up for grabs. But despite a brief respite so John Wagner could win the Outstanding Contribution to Comics award, one comic swept the ceremony: Dungeon Fun.

The first issue of the all-ages series by Colin Bell and Neil Slorance won Best Cover, Best Artist, Best Writer, as well as Best Series. Following the adventures of Fun Mudlifter as she self-appoints herself with a quest to fight some monsters and go travail through some dungeons, the first issue was also listed by CBR in their Top 100 Comics of 2013.


Bell and Slorance with their awards

There was fierce competition in all categories, though – books like The Standard, And Then Emily Was Gone, Saltire: Invasion and Crossing Borders all made for strong contenders. Congratulations to all nominees, as well as to the team behind Dungeon Fun. You can read the issue for yourself here.



  1. […] who were on hand earlier this year to see the first issue of their all-ages fantasy series sweep the Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards – best writer, best artist, best series – everything apart from the hall of fame award […]


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