Patreon Club: To The High Seas with Lucy Bellwood

This week on The Patreon Club we steer towards cartoonist Lucy Bellwood, one of the many artists set up at the famous Periscope Studio. She’s raising funds to help her with costs – from the costs of recording her panel appearances to renting her desk space at Periscope. I believe she’s also looking to find a way to head towards Leeds Thought Bubble at the end of the year (the best convention in the world, assuredly) and will be using some of the costs to help with that.

So what comics is she making, then? If we’re to pledge something towards her, what is she working on?


A keen sailor (seriously), many of her comics have elements of her life on the seas within them. Her best-known work is likely Baggywrinkles, an autobio series. Named after one of the many endless ropes people have tied around bits of a ship and does something or other NO DON’T TOUCH IT to keep everybody on the boat alive, the series of four comics follows her as she learns about the art and craft of sailing. From working on her calluses to explaining why good pirates don’t use a plank system of naval justice, the comic is told in a narrative style which has come to characterise most of her written work.

That theme continues on in her diary comic ‘Grand Adventure’, which details her time on a 21-day rowing trip through the Grand Canyon. Replete with white water rapids, crazy wildlife and a whole lot of drinking, the series continues on refining her style as a narrator and storyteller.


She’s also contributed to several comics run by her fellow Periscope Studio… studiomates (is there a better word for that?) From a piece in the Bandette spin-off ‘Orphan Tales’  to a strip or two in Erika Moen’s ‘Oh Joy Sex Toy’. On top of ALL that, she’s also one of the people involved in Cartozia Tales, a long-form storytelling and island-building comic series. She works… a lot, basically, is what I’m trying to get across here.

What drew me most to her Patreon was that she outright shuns a method of payment I’ve grown to hate – the ‘pay per strip’ format. This may have all the best intentions, but you can quickly find an artist uploading 10 pieces a month, spiralling up your costs to a level you can’t believe. Instead, she’s gone for the far more sensible ‘per month’ format, meaning you can taper your expenses and pay exactly the level you want.


Written by Paul Tobin

She will be using the money for abstract costs – studio space, equipment, and so on – rather than for a specific comic project. SO if you were to get involved here, you wouldn’t be following any particular story. Instead, you’ll end up with a whole series of random and unexpected comics and stories coming out. The promise is that there will be something new at least every month.

So! If the art here has you convinced that you want to see more, you can head to her Patreon account here and get involved!



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