Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston to Bring ‘The Black Hammer’ in 2015

2015 will see Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston begin a run of a new creator-owned series over at Dark Horse in the form of lost-superhero tale ‘The Black Hammer’. A monthly series, the comic also notes the end of Lemire’s exclusive contract over at DC – expect to see him in some interesting new places next year, then.


The concept of the series has been in the works, he tells CBR in the launch interview, focusing on six superheroes who are knocked out of time and space by something called ‘The Event’. Landing somehow in a weird, inescapable and lost town called Black Hammer, they spend ten years living together by the time the series kicks off.

With two characters representing the Golden Age of comics, some representing the Silver Age, and others coming straight from the ‘Modern’ Age, the books looks to be an exploration of the length of superhero comics as a genre, mixing styles together and seeing how the different decades stand alongside one another. There are ‘perfect’ superheroes, pulp heroes, sci-fi creations – all kinds of characters involved.


As a mystery series, Lemire doesn’t get to delve into the mechanics of the story very much in the interview. It seems as though the core will be slowly unravelling the events of the last ten town-locked years for these heroes, and explaining how they’ve coped with this sudden shift in their lives. In terms of tone, the interview reminds me a bit of the latter half of The Underwater Welder, which also worked a sudden long period of isolation into the central character.

So it looks like a more reflective look at the idea of superheroes, and how time has changed the way we react to them – and they react to the stories they’re put into. Lemire also notes that he might do some fill-in issues himself, down the line, too.

Seems interesting. Let’s check in again next year.


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