‘Catwoman’ Steals New Creative Team in Genevieve Valentine and Garry Brown

Mark Doyle’s tenure on the Batman titles looks to be heading in very particular directions, following the prior announcement of Gotham Academy, Grayson, and now the new creative team for Catwoman. With Ann Nocenti leaving the title to head to an ongoing Klarion The Witch Boy Series with Trevor McCarthy, the new team will be Genevieve Valentine and Garry Brown.


Cover by Jae Lee

Brown was most recently seen as the artist for the Iron Patriot miniseries at Marvel which featured Jim Rhodes in the lead role, but has been all over the place recently – he’s done issues of ‘The Massive’ and ‘Five Ghosts’, among others, although I believe this marks his first ongoing project.

For Valentine, however, this marks a first comics project as a whole. Best known as a Nebula Award-nominated novelist for her book Mechanique, she’s released a series of novels, written for The AV Club, and also worked as a poet. She doesn’t seem to have any prior work in comics, making her an extremely unexpected and exciting choice to take over on this series.

It’s not a secret that Catwoman fans have not been happy with the writing on her series for a long time – and complaints about artwork seem to come and go every few months. Valentine and Brown are an unusual pairing in that they are both known for having, perhaps, a more ‘realist’ approach to artwork. It’s not heavily fantastical and stylised, but instead hits for an expression and runs with it.

That was perhaps an oblique way to describe it – here instead is a character sketch from Brown which conveys more than I just tried to:


Their first issue will be issue #35, in October.


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