Jason Aaron and Ron Garney Launch New Miniseries Through Marvel Icon

Marvel’s Icon imprint has gone through a strange journey over the years. Starting out as a creator-owned strand of comics which was primarily used by Mark Millar, various creators have popped across to it for a brief period before moving on. Matt Fraction, Gabriel Moon and Fabio Ba had their third volume of Casanova launch at Icon, for example – before announcing that volume four would see them head back to Image. More recently, Jimmy Palmiotti brought his character Painkiller Jane to Icon for a miniseries, which didn’t see particularly strong sales either.

Icon is no match for Vertigo, and it’s certainly outstripped by companies like Image. So that’s why it’s interesting whenever a new comic is announced through the imprint – it’s so surprising.


But later this year, a new series is coming, in the form of ‘Men of Wrath’ by Jason Aaron and Ron Garney. The pair have been working together for several years now, having collaborated first I think on a Wolverine run before turning to characters like Ultimate Captain America. A crime story of hitmen and ‘family history’, you can read more about the premise of the book via the CBR interview.

In it, interviewer Dave Richards outright asks about the decision to publish with Icon, with Aaron responding:

I just wanted to take a chance and throw my name into that Icon ring. It’s been a pretty selective imprint over the years and I’ve enjoyed most of the stuff it’s put out.

You don’t see many Icon books these days so I wanted to do my part to keep that imprint alive. We’ll see where things go from here.


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