Bucky Barnes Returns for Ongoing Seriesy, Bringing Ales Kot and Marco Rudy with Him

Currently a main fixture in Marvel’s ‘Original Sin’ event storyline, Bucky Barnes has been surprisingly ever-present since he was brought back into comics by Ed Brubaker a few years ago. Following a stint as Captain America and a subsequent solo series, the character will be returning and relaunching into a solo series this October, handled by the creative team of Ales Kot and Marco Rudy.


‘Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier’ sees Marco Rudy moved up onto a ongoing launch, following a string of very highly-acclaimed issues including Uncanny X-Men and Marvel Knights: Spider-Man. His artwork has seen comparisons to Bill Sienkiewicz for the experimentation and linework, and he’s considered to be one of the most distinctive, unexpected and interesting artists around right now.

Which fits him into strong company with Kot, who is best known for his Image series ‘Zero’. That series; about mercenaries and espionage and things getting shot; led Kot to take over Secret Avengers earlier this year – so this marks another natural step for the writer. Kot is interesting for being unpredictable, though – he seems to relish catching readers by surprise, with Zero being an example of a book where he keeps twisting the genre to establish new, unexpected themes and threats.

So together, this seems like a natural pairing of creative team. The AV Club, strangely enough, have the launch interview with the team. You can find it here.

The title of the series is also a spoiler for the recent Captain America 2 movie. Whoops.


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