Matt Kindt and Scott Kolins Unravel Time in ‘PastAways’ at Dark Horse

Another new creator-owned series for Dark Horse was announced today, as companies decided that the era of announcing things at panels was dead. Thankfully. The latest news is that Matt Kindt and Scott Kolins are launching a creator-owned series about time-travellers called ‘PastAways’.


The idea is that a group of time-travellers, seeking adventures and thrills, travel back in time to the year 2014 (hey, that’s this year!) and find themselves stuck here. Realising that the rules of time travel means they can’t die, they decide to run amok and really have some fun – not realising that their actions are ripping apart space and time right in front of them.

The launch interview on CBR seems to emphasise this as a ‘fun’ comic, a way for the creative team to tell a throwaway, silly, entertaining story first and foremost. Kolins is well known for this sort of thing – you might remember him from books like Nova or The Flash. Kindt, however, possibly not so much, which is why there’s that emphasis on this being a change of pace for him.

Much like ‘The Black Hammer’ from Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston, this series won’t launch until well into next year (March).


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