‘Dark Circle Comics’ Glide into Archie


Archie yesterday announced that they are rebranding their ‘Red Circle Comics’ imprint as ‘Dark Circle Comics’, explaining that their superhero line will relaunch with a new agenda and purpose later this year.

The name change signals a new direction for the superhero titles, which will feature a more cinematic, literary and mature approach to the characters told in accessible stories that will appeal to new and longtime fans.

With Alex Segura recently named as the man in charge of the superhero line at Archie, it appears as though this his first step in marking a mark with the imprint. You can read more from him in an interview conducted with super-handsome comics interviewer Brian Truitt over at USA Today. It appears as though the various superhero characters – The Shield, The Fox, and so on – may all be returning, although the line will now focus on projects more akin to ‘Afterlife With Arche’ from now on. Presteige-ier, I mean, not in the sense that it’ll suddenly be all gore-tastic and patricide is the order of the day.

Although not revealing what books or creators will be coming, Archie have unveiled a new logo for the imprint, created by Rachel Deering. Deering has also been revealed to be working with them as letterer on their new Sabrina series, among other projects. More is to come, it seems.

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