Big Blue Returns in First Look at ‘Saltire: Annihilation ‘

With one volume under their belt, the team behind ‘Saltire’ have just today released the cover for the next phase of their big blue Scottish hero. Written by John Ferguson and this time round drawn by Claire Roe, the series sees an immortal Scottish folk hero battle his way through centuries of supernatural conflict.


The series drew attention (and positive reviews) upon release, focusing on a Scottish hero who starts his career centuries in the past and will now, over the course of several volumes, be working his way through time until he reaches the present. This second time round – he’s dealing with vampires and werewolves, it appears. You can find more at their site.

Blue, ginger, shirtless and angry, Saltire Annihilation will be released in September. The team have also released a first preview page, with more to come down the way:



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