Matt Kindt, Jeff Lemire and Paolo Rivera Working on ‘The Valiant’ Prestige Miniseries – UPDATED

Earlier this week CBR informed the internet that Valiant would be announcing a new miniseries from the creative team of Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, and Paolo Rivera. Today saw the title and concept of the series announced – this’ll be a four issue miniseries in ‘Prestige’ printing format, beginning in December.


Called ‘The Valiant’, the miniseries takes most of its starting concept from the second arc of Archer & Armstrong, by Fred Van Lente and Emanuela Lupacchino. In that story, a character called The Eternal Warrior returned, on a mission to protect a woman called ‘The Geomancer’, who acts as a conduit for nature on Earth. Sort of. The story saw several nefarious types try to kill her, whilst the Eternal Warrior, Archer, Armstrong, and others all fought to protect her.

They – spoilers – succeeded, and she basically vanished from Valiant since. But in this new miniseries she’ll be back, working alongside The Eternal Warrior and Bloodshot as they try to stop an ancient force for evil called ‘The Immortal Enemy’. This is being billed as a sort of standalone (with an emphasis on that – it’s a story anyone can start with and not be confused, the writers stress) event storyline for the company, which will then affect change through the line in 2015 once it culminates.

valiant4 valiant5

This also sees one of the strongest creative teams on a Valiant comic yet. Kindt has already been working on several comics at the company, including ‘Unity’ and ‘Rai’. He’s been talking about working with Lemire on a project for several years now, with people wondering where they would end up together. With Lemire’s exclusive contract to DC ending, now we know.


Rivera is also a key part of the announcement. Having left Daredevil a short while after Marcos Martin left, there was a lot of debate about whether he was heading to some creator-owned work. That’s still something many believe is on the horizon, but at any rate ‘The Valiant’ marks his first interior work on a comic in a long while.

No colourist has been announced as yet –UPDATE! Rivera replied to this post with the news that he will be colouring the series, whilst his father – the legendary Joe Rivera – will be inking.

valiant2 valiant3


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