Patreon Club: Escaping the Grave with KC Green

The week on The Patreon Club we travel through this interwebnet of ours and come across the comics of writer/artist KC Green, best known for his webcomic. Gunshow You may also remember that he has just launched a second comic as well, with artist Anthony ‘Nedroid’ Clark, called ‘Back’. Green’s Patreon is designed to help him focus on making his own comics rather than mixing time on work-for-hire and creator-owned material.


Gunshow, his best known strip, has been running since 2008. A constant stream of nonsequiter nonsense, each strip varies in length, tone – even style. He puts out a vast range of work, all of which carries a similar style of manic, confusing, and energetic silliness. It’s hard to even keep up with him, as each strip is so different to everything else he’s put out before. The one thing keeping it all together – it’s very funny, and completely unpredictable.


There’s a really powerful sense of irreverence in everything he does – with a current exception which I’ll get to – which has found him a huge fanbase over the last few years. And, following that, he’s been invited across to his first ongoing monthly series over at Boom – who have a keen eye on webcomics talent. They’ve hired him as the writer for their ‘Regular Show’ book, tying in to the cartoon series.

His most recent new project is the wandering cowboy justice-type series ‘Back’, created with Anthony Clark. As previously mentioned on this very site, this starts off as a take on the Clint Eastwood-style ‘hero with no name’, until it eventually decides the hero is named Abigail and should team up with some witches to dispense justice on a post-apocalyptic society. A slower-burn than his previous work, this is showing a long-form side to his writing which only occasionally crops up on Gunshow. There’s more time to take in character, and the jokes build up in a really smart way.


The series is well worth having a look at, especially as they’ve now built up enough pages that you can read through a whole load of story in one sitting. It’s brilliantly drawn by Clark, also, and looks like it’s going to be an incredibly strong series.

So that’s a quick look at the main beats of Green’s comics, for you to acquaint yourself with. You can find more at his site, but this is the sort of stuff you can expect more of if you contribute to his Patreon – seems worth it to me.

It’s a simple Patreon too, which I’m always a fan of. If you donate $2, you get to see sketches, work in progress, and anything else he uploads. That’s the only tier – one small donation, and you get everything, plus you help him to make more of the comics he wants to. Find out more by heading over here. 


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