Joëlle Jones and Jamie S Rich Go Glam Gore for ‘Lady Killer’ at Dark Horse

Announced by Andy Khouri over at Comics Alliance today, 2015 will see Dark Horse publish ‘Lady Killer’ by the team of Joëlle Jones and Jamie S. Rich. As you can tell from the image below… it’s going to be a bit violent.


The pair worked previously on the graphic novel ‘You Have Killed Me’ at Oni Press. And that’d be a company for whom Jones has been working with fairly steadily since, on various projects like ‘Hellheim’ with Cullen Bunn. The running theme of all these stories, it would seem? Violentness.

So this one, which has a somewhat obvious central premise, seems like something which could at least move away from being particularly predictable. The idea here is that the domestic goddess above, who sells makeup and cleaning products door-to-door and has a loving husband and kids… is also an assassin for hire. She spends her time murdering people for money, and then does the Shake n’ Vac over all the soiled carpets.

I have always enjoyed working with lots of different writers but writing this myself has afforded me the opportunity to explore what I want to draw, and it has been really fun! I am enjoying the freedom to go as weird, sexy or gruesome as I would like. I love the clothes and the setting, I love doing the research, but mostly I love taking a scene that looks so clean and perfect and then smearing blood all over it!

She says in the Comics Alliance piece, which is like a launch interview but done up all classy – like you read in The Daily Telegraph, and there are formal photos of the subject sat in a sofa, bowl of fruit on the coffee table next to them. You know. That’s just how Comics Alliance is.

Er, anyway. So the series will be published by Dark Horse Comics in January, and will be coloured by Laura Allred! Laura Allred is somebody I always associate as being part of a team (with her husband Mike Allred), so it’s always neat to see her working off in new directions I wouldn’t anticipate.

Expect more coverage of this on The Spire as we get closer to the release date.

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