Thrillbent’s ‘The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood’ Heads to Print at Dynamite

Thrillbent series ‘The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood’, written by Christina Blanch and Chris Carr, drawn by Chee, and lettered by Troy Peteri, will be heading to print later in October courtesy of Dynamite.


That’d be a Francesco Francavilla above, of course. Nobody’s more distinctive. ‘The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood’ is about a man who becomes a teacher in a prison so he can try to pay off his son’s medical bills – but starts to realise that if he makes certain deals, he’ll get his hands on that money all the sooner.

Both Blanch and Carr are teachers, and they met whilst both teaching writing classes to prisoners – so you can see where the central core of the story came from. This was their first comic project, but Blanch had a certain man in mind to edit the project and keep an eye on things – Mark Waid. And so the series came to Thrillbent.

The series, which’ll be released in monthly single-issues by Dynamite, is currently subscription-only on the website. So if people decide they want to read ahead after trying the first issue, they’ll be able to get onto the Thrillbent site and sign up to find out what happens next.

With several of Thrillbent’s digital titles now heading to print, it’s fun to try and spot where each one will land, isn’t it? We saw this with Monkeybrain, and now it seems Dynamite are building up quite the relationship with Thrillbent. Here’s a preview of the series, provided by Dynamite:

wormwood_issue_01 wormwood_issue_01-2


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