‘Undertow’ Trade to Come with Added Iain Laurie, Megan Wilson, Blair Butler, Leila del Duca, and more

Undertow, Steve Orlando and Artyom Trakhanov’s Image series about underwater questing and politics, ends later this month, wrapping up as a miniseries rather than an ongoing. But to wrap things up in style, the creative team are bringing in a number of notable guests to provide backing stories and pin-ups for the trade.


A really radicalised take on the Atlantis myth, the Image series saw renegade members of the underwater city go on the run, in search of something new. Humans ran on top of the Earth, feral and crazed – it was beneath the surface that society flourished, boomed, decayed and betrayed. With the trade now announced, Orlando took to CBR to announce the new material that’ll be included in the book.


First of all, Leila del Duca will be writing a backing story for the series, with Tony Gregori and Tyler Niccum on art. Mike Spicer will colour the story. In the CBR interview she says:

Writing a story from a unique perspective about fashion and a polyamorous triad was extremely fulfilling, and I hope I did the world of Undertow justice, even if my choice of subject matter was a bit odd

Which sells the story without me having to, I’d imagine. del Duca is more well known as the artist on the Image series Shutter than anything else, so seeing her announced as the writer for this back-up is unexpected and pretty promising.


Another backing story will be written by Blair Butler, and drawn by TJ Kirsch, who were brought together by Orlando after coveting each other’s work from afar. Their story will be a five-page affair, following an explorer divorced from the main storyline itself.

And more! Iain Laurie and Megan Wilson, last seen on ‘And Then Emily Was Gone’, have contributed a pin-up piece to the trade, which you can see right up at the top of this article! And, y’know… don’t forget there’s a complete main story from Orlando and Trakhanov, too! It’s a pretty good one, if you ask me. 

The trade of Undertow will be released in September.


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