Clay Mann Goes Exclusive with Valiant

Today was a day of mourning for everybody apart from Valiant, with the news coming in that Clay Mann has signed an exclusive deal with the company. Yes, it’s true – Clay Mann is now officially off the market. Let’s take a line break in which we can reflect and mourn appropriately.


And now let’s take a quick second line break to reflect on why it is wrong for websites to objectify artists like Clay Mann.


So! This is the news that Valiant have signed a further creator to their company as an exclusive contract – meaning they are guaranteed a set level of work, but cannot work for any other publisher until the contract expires. Valiant have been making a big deal of this standard of contract over the last year, with writers, artists and colourists all now hired under their exclusive banner.


Clay Mann first really came to the attention of comics as an artist at Marvel, where he worked on several X-Men titles like X-Men Legacy and Gambit. He quickly grew in popularity due to his realistic – but leggy/abs-y – character modelling, which made everybody look like a bit like a European model in his work. His sense of fashion was also typically on-point though, meaning he didn’t need to put the characters in lingerie in order to make them attractive.

His first work at Valiant will be on a zero issue of X-O Manowar, the flagship character for the company. Written by Robert Venditti, the issue will travel back to some point during the first issue (which spanned several years) and offer an earlier look at the man who put on the weapon and became X-O Manowar. I’m not sure who’ll be the colourist (although I’m fairly certain that Seth Mann, his brother, is likely to ink the issue), but will try and find out.

Also – and this is rather nice – Jeff Lemire has done a variant cover for the issue. Look!


X-O Manowar #0 is out in October.


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