Dylan Todd’s Sci-Fi Comics Anthology 2299 Launches Today

Today sees a new digital comics anthology launch from Dylan Todd, a designer whose work can be seen across a range of books like ‘Five Ghosts’, ‘Copernicus Jones’ and websites like, ahem, The Spire. ‘2299’ is an 80-page digital sci-fi anthology edited by Dylan, and features people like Kyle Starks, Matt Digges, Caleb Goellner and many others.


As it features Caleb, that also means there is a high chance of MERMAIDS. Stay alert, Mermaid Fans!

Available digitally via Gumroad, the first issue is available for $2.00. That’s 80 pages of comics for a price no other company could dream of offering! The full list of creators also includes people like Kevin Church, Robert Wilson IV (who drew the cover above), and Jordan Witt – it’s a project rich with people who’re associated with digital comics. Eleven stories appear in the issue in total, wandering all round the theme of sci-fi and futurism.

Even if Dylan hadn’t helped in making The Spire the sparky pink wonderland you see before you, I’d be highlighting this project to you. Go forth, and read whizzy comics about robots and lasers and hovering things!


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