Roger Langridge Working on a New All-Ages Project for Kaboom

Roger Langridge is the latest creator to leave a pre-SDCC video teasing new work at Boom Studios. In the video he announces that he’s currently working on a new all-ages project, which is a new and creator-devised (if not owned?) series.

Langridge is well known for his work with Boom, having run another all-ages project there called ‘Snarked!’ which saw him take a deeper look at the world beyond Wonderland, as he teamed up the Walrus and the Carpenter to go on a quest with a stroppy Princess and her baby brother. He also worked on Muppets over there for a while, and will later this year be publishing a graphic novel for Boom’s imprint Archaia.

There’s no news yet about what this will be other than a four-issue miniseries – I imagine there’s a plan for a big panel at SDCC itself where Langridge, Mark Waid, Justin Jordan and the other promised creatives will all explain their new projects in full. But just the idea that Langridge is working on not one but TWO projects currently is very exciting indeed!



  1. […] in the run-up to SDCC, not much is known about the project – Langridge spoke about it in this video, here, but the title and premise are still floating in the wintry ether. Not for much longer though, it […]


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